Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bears: Not the greatest figure skaters.

Depressing news about a bear that mauled its trainers, during a practice ice-skating session. The bear was a "performer" for a Russian ice-skating troupe.

I took this photo from the NY Daily News, where they identified it as not the killer bear.

In other, more positive bear-mauling news, two terrorists--part of the group Hizbul Mujahideen--were hiding out in a cave in Kashmir with two AK-47s, most likely playing some kind of dice game and shoehorning their personal grievances into quasi-religious narratives.  As it turns out, they must have been so focused on the external threat that they failed to see the great beast within.  Namely, the grouchy bear already living inside the cave.  Here's the story from the Times of India, which is written in a dramatically inflected style, like it's supposed to be read out loud for a BBC broadcast.  (If you link to the story, read it out loud to yourself in your Radio Voice, and you'll see that I'm right).