Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kind of a love letter

Here’s something I love: depictions of 19th-century men (and sometimes women) who are amateur naturalists.

Richard Flockton: It’s such a fine day here in Cornwallshire! I will venture to the beach to pick up some specimans. Lady Aster? Would you care to accompany me?

L. Aster: Oh, you and your specimens. I am content to sit here in the parlor and watch the sun on the rug. And perhaps later I will embroider a pillow with depictions of single celled eukaryotes.

Richard: I’m very attracted to your rational mind.

L. Aster: Perhaps after dinner we can go for a walk, and nail taxonomic placards to the trees.

Richard: I genuinely believe that we are close to a complete understanding of the natural world.

L. Aster: I genuinely agree with you.

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