Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Art break: Sueo Serisawa

I recently attended the Seattle Print Fair at Davidson Galleries in Pioneer Square. Many of the prints were from western artists, depicting scenes of nature and wilderness.

One of my favorite prints was this piece, by Sueo Serisawa:

Idyllwild Series by Sueo Serisawa

Serisawa immigrated from Japan to Seattle when he was very young, then moved to California. He was an oil painter and a print maker, and he became an important figure in the Modernist school in Los Angeles.

Seals are disgusting

According to a new study published in Nature, we've been unfairly blaming cows and Europeans for spreading tuberculosis to the new world. The culprit was actually this guy:

Source: Wikipedia Commons,,_South_Georgia.jpg

It's likely that seals from South America brought the virus to North America long before European colonization, carrying a TB strain which predates the European one. It's also likely that humans passed on this earlier strain to their cattle.

Best line from the WaPo article: "But humans can still catch good old-fashioned seal TB too."

Don't do this.